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The extensive range of bluechem products offers numerous highly effective products, which are specially adapted to the high demands of modern drive technologies (hybrid, electric, hydrogen, etc.). The various products ensure that all operational contamination (carbonization, gumming, etc.) is eliminated, thereby maintaining long-term performance.


Highly effective formulations for modern drive concepts bluechemGROUP presents ECOPOWER – protection and care for hybrid vehicles Leutenberg, August 16, 2018

  • In order for the internal combustion engines of hybrid vehicles not to lose their performance over time, they must be regularly liberated from operational deposits. For this purpose, the bluechemGROUP, the technology leader in vehicle chemistry, has developed a new, innovative solution with the ECOPOWER product line. They are economical to use, meet all emission standards and make an important contribution to climate protection. At the same time, they meet all the comfort requirements that vehicle owners place on their own means of transport. We are talking about hybrid vehicles. Among the various alternatives to the conventional combustion engine, this technology is considered a secret winner because it is widely recognized by both the public and manufacturers. Nevertheless, hybrids are not completely problem-free. In particular, the irregular use of the internal combustion engine involves some undesirable consequences. The bluechemGROUP now presents a chemo-technical solution to these problems with its new product line ECOPOWER.

 Weaknesses of high technology

  • Jens Möller, Head of Research & Development at bluechemGROUP, on the specifics of combustion engines in hybrid vehicles: "It is well known that gasoline and diesel engines run best under full load because of optimal combustion. However, this condition is only achieved if the engine operates constantly over a certain period of time. In a hybrid vehicle, this is unfortunately not the case, since the combustion engine is partially used only for charging the electric motor. The consequences are the formation of carbonization, condensation and oil sludge and the clogging of the filter and sensor systems such as the catalyst or the lambda probe." The vehicle owner directly feels the consequences of this operational contamination. Jens Möller comments: "The performance slows down, the fuel consumption increases and the engine runs more restless. In the worst case, expensive repairs can happen at some point." 

Solutions from the technology leader

  • In order for the performance of hybrid vehicles to remain constant, all contamination must be removed on a regular basis. The bluechemGROUP is now presenting its new ECOPOWER product line, which can effectively clean all affected areas (fuel system, oil circuit, exhaust system). "The TÜV Thuringia has already confirmed the effectiveness of the products. In particular, preventive use has proven to be particularly effective", explains Jens Möller. He adds: "This will make ECOPOWER a true guard patrol for hybrid vehicles!"

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