Boat-Line Fuel System Cleaner 4-Stroke Engines 300ml

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Product properties:

The Fuel System Cleaner effectively removes operationally caused contamination and varnishing in the entire fuel system, especially for 4-stroke engines. Fuel consumption and exhaust gas values are optimized and the life-span of the engine is raised. Highly effective lubricating components protect the motor during the cleaning.

Areas of application:

4-stroke engines

Instructions for use:

The Fuel System Cleaner is given into the fuel tank regularly before fueling every 3 to 4 months before filling up.


The product is a cleaning liquid and not a fuel substitute! Use only in well ventilated rooms! Keep away from naked flames! No smoking! Keep out of children’s reach!

Consumption per engine:

300ml is sufficient for a tank filling

Frost susceptibility:


Working time:

Works during running.

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