AUTOPROFI Engine Clean - 250ml & ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK - 250ML - KIT


Product properties:

• removes all sludge, dirt and contamination from internal engine surfaces

• boosts power and reduces oil and fuel consumption by removing harmful varnish deposits from the piston ring and upper cylinder area

• cleans and quietens hydraulic valve lifters

• neutralizes engine acids

• extended life span of the engine

  • Area of application: For all petrol and diesel engines, gearboxes and differentials.
  • Consumption: Add to old oil, run engine at idle for 10-15 minutes. Drain as normal, fit new filter and fill up with new oil.
  • Application Consumption: 250 ml for 5 ltr. oil
  • Reaction time: Approx. 15 minutes



Engine Oil Stop Leak

Product properties:  The combination of highly efficient and innovative components regenerates plastic and rubber seals in the oil circuit and keeps it soft. The oil loss through seals or piston rings is reduced or stopped, which reduces the oil consumption. In addition, abrasion and wear will be considerably reduced, the viscosity of the oil is kept stable and works against the oxidation of the engine oil. The usable lifetime of the engine will be extended.

Product properties: For use in all 4-stroke- and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, etc. This product is compatible with all commercially available oils.

Area of application: Add to oil system. We recommend an oil system cleaning with Oil System Cleaner (43210) before using this product. Total Oil capacity according to manufacturer specifications must be observed.

Consumption: 250 ml sufficient for 5 liters of oil. Mixing ratio: 1:20

Reaction time: while engine is running


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