Diesel Organic Cleaner (DOC) 300ml

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Product properties

High-performance concentrate based on special surface-active agents for the prevention of bacteria, yeasts, algae and fungi in diesel fuels, which cause sludge formation in the fuel tank – diesel contamination. The application preemptively deprives microorganisms from replicating and prevents any new formation. As a result, this treatment further prevents the fuel filter from becoming blocked.


- Prevents against bacteria, yeasts, algae and fungi

- Prevents blockage of the fuel filter

- Improves cold start performance

- Clean and powerful combustion

- Improves the engine performance

- Cleans fuel system and filter

- Protects against corrosion


Product properties 

Suitable for all diesel applications with addition to the fuel tank. Ideal for bio-diesel as well. Specially recommended for storage tanks, boats, agricultural machinery and caravans.


Add regularly every 3-4 months to the diesel system. Specially recommended before long term or seasonal vehicle storage. In case of severe contamination of the diesel fuel, it is necessary to clean the tank and fuel system before treatment! 


375 ml treats up to 80 liters (21.1 gallons) of diesel fuel. Mixing ratio of 1:200

Reaction time

Works during normal operating conditions.


 Whenever diesel fuels are left to rest for a long time, there is a risk of diesel oil pest. Thus, this affects not only boats that are stored mostly over the winter, but also fuel tanks, commercial vehicles and cars, which are immobilized for several months. With the DOC - Diesel Organic Cleaner, the bluechemGROUP brings a solution which, in contrast to many other manufacturers, takes an alternative way of fighting diesel oil pest. Completely free of bactericide!

Anyone who has ever had an infected diesel tank knows the follow-up problems and costs that come to those affected. Bacteria, yeasts, fungi and algae excrete biomass through their natural metabolism, which can develop into a kind of plug in the diesel fuel for all lines, from the tank to the injection nozzles. This blocks the fuel and thus prevents the necessary combustion in the engine.

Conventional additives are usually biocides, which kill the microorganisms. However, since 1 December 2018, it is prohibited by a new EU directive to offer these products for sale. Strict legal measures alone make it possible to sell biocidal products to traders. These include requirements such as: keeping a poison book, legal proceedings of the product as biocide, an application and sale declaration and many more.

For less than a year now, the R & D department of the bluechemGROUP has tackled the problem in order to fight bacteria, yeasts and co, without having to resort to biocides that are harmful to the environment. Jens Möller, Head of R & D BCG, says, "We took a completely new approach to the topic. We do not work from the outside as usual on the microorganisms, but simply deprive you, the necessary nutrient medium for the metabolism. This prevents that the biomass that is critical for the engine can be produced and, in addition, the bacteria die out due to the lack of metabolism, or even cannot even be produced. Some of these substances disappear even faster than before in the traditional way with this methodology. This has already been confirmed by initial tests by independent laboratories “.

Andreas Huck (product manager of the BCG): "The demand for a biocide-free product against diesel oil pest has been steadily growing since the end of last year. With our new DOC Diesel Organic Cleaner, we now have a solution that already preventively prevents the spread of microorganisms in tanks and thus stifles the dreaded diesel oil pest in a nutshell. In addition, the remaining suspended matter is bound to a homogeneous liquid and can thus be burned easily and residue-free.“ In addition to the highly effective cleaning effect, DOC also contains anti-corrosive and lubricating ingredients that protect the entire fuel system and increase the life of all components.

 The DOC – Diesel Organic Cleaner is available from August 1st, 2019.

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