Guard Fill - Diesel - 75ml

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Guard Fill - Diesel (GFD)

Product properties: The Guard Fill Diesel keeps valves, injectors and combustion chambers free of carbonisation, reduces friction inside the engine and protects all metal surfaces from corrosion. The special combination of highly effective additives in the Guard Fill Diesel can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3% and emissions by up to 35% and is gentle to all materials in the engine and the diesel fuel system. Dampness and condensation will be removed and the upper cylinder area is well lubricated and protected. Guard-Fill keeps the engine in good condition during its entire life

Area of application: For use in diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with particle filter, turbo and catalytic converter.

Application: Fill directly into the diesel tank.

Consumption: 75ml sufficient for 80 liters diesel = 21.13 gallon. Mixing ratio: 1:1000

Reaction time: while engine is running

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