Power Lube Nano-Tec - 500ml

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Power Lube Nano-Tec

Product properties: This multipurpose lubricant forms a highly efficient NANO anti-friction barrier between the moving parts. This barrier is created by the especially formulated NANO-clusters with their extreme wear and tear protection properties.


• forms an extremely resistant lubrication film

• ideal for use under high-pressure conditions

• water-repellent, displaces moisture, highly adhesive

• perfectly suitable for long-term application

• extended life-span of the treated parts

• highly effective protection against wear and tear

• excellent “run-dry” properties.

Area of application: Chains, ropes, rolls, bearings, chain inner bearings, gearwheels, worm gears, joints, clutches, wire ropes, hinges, o-rings, bowden cables, locks etc.

Application: Shake well before use! Thoroughly clean the parts to be treated. Afterwards evenly spray the product onto the areas to be treated and let it take effect for a while. 

Consumption: For 5-10 applications

Reaction time: Works permanently

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