Valves & Injection System Cleaner & Triple X Plus Air Intake System Cleaner - KIT

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This KIT contains the following:

1x Valves & Injection System Cleaner

1x  Triple X Plus Air Intake System Cleaner 


Triple X PLUS - Air Intake System Cleaner (TXP)

Product properties: Triple X plus is the latest generation of our specially designed products for the air intake system. Developed for use in both fuel injection systems and engines with exhaust gas recirculation or “EGR”. Triple X plus thoroughly cleans the entire system starting from the air intake all the way through the exhaust for all petrol and diesel engines. This product may only be used with the Injection & Exhaust System Cleaning Device Clear Flow, art.-no.: 34011. Even heavy deposits can now be removed residue-free without affecting sensitive materials or components. Triple X plus successfully cleans and lubricates the entire air intake system during application. The engine runs more powerful and smooth. The fuel consumption and exhaust emissions will also be significantly reduced

Area of Application: Cleaning of the complete air intake system and entire combustion chamber of petrol and diesel engines

Application: Professional use only: applied solely using air intake cleaning device! Triple X plus can be used on all engines equipped with oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injection. Note: When in use, instructions for the Clear Flow device, art.-no.: 34011 must be observed.

Consumption: 375ml per application

Reaction time: During application



Valves- and Injection System Cleaner

Product properties: High Performance Valves and Injection Cleaner. Power and Energy for all petrol engines. • improves motor performance • removes carbon deposits on valves, intake area and in the entire combustion chamber area • removes deposits throughout the whole fuel injection system • ensures a clean and powerful combustion • optimizes emission values • guarantees optimized injection dosage and fuel vaporization • gives optimal engine protection, increases the life span of the engine, ensures smooth and soft motor running

Area of Application: For all petrol engines with carburetor, injection, direct injection (FSI, GDI, …) and catalytic converters.

Application: Add every 6 months to the fuel system before filling up with petrol.

Consumption: 300 ml treat 60 ltrs. of fuel (15.85 - 21.1 Gallon)

Reaction time: Works during operation

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