Valves & Injection System Cleaner - 300ml

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Valves- and Injection System Cleaner

Product properties: High Performance Valves and Injection Cleaner. Power and Energy for all petrol engines. • improves motor performance • removes carbon deposits on valves, intake area and in the entire combustion chamber area • removes deposits throughout the whole fuel injection system • ensures a clean and powerful combustion • optimizes emission values • guarantees optimized injection dosage and fuel vaporization • gives optimal engine protection, increases the life span of the engine, ensures smooth and soft motor running

Area of Application: For all petrol engines with carburetor, injection, direct injection (FSI, GDI, …) and catalytic converters.

Application: Add every 6 months to the fuel system before filling up with petrol.

Consumption: 300 ml treat 60 ltrs. of fuel (15.85 - 21.1 Gallon)

Reaction time: Works during operation

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